Friday, 19 June 2015

The Sanch Procession


 On Good Friday I walked into Perpignan to see the Sanch Procession and meet up with some of the other Language Assistants. I had long been looking forward to seeing and experiencing this unique tradition.

The ice-cream is ready!

 Huge, huge crowds of people lined the streets to see the Procession pass by. I chose to wait outside the cathedral.


 The faint echo of drums began and you could taste the excitement. Then the first shapes appeared. Black and red pointy heads and magnificent floats bearing Jesus, Mary and other figures along with masses of flowers.

 I also loved to see the women dressed in elegant black lace. The devotion of all of the worshippers, that they would carry such heavy effigies for over an hour, was really touching.

 I was pleased to see Rebekah and we moved out from the cathedral towards the Place de la Loge where we watched Jesus carry his cross past the colourful buildings and Catalan flags.

 In front of the Castillet we met a big group of assistants and we all headed across the bridge towards my favourite bakery. The sun was shining and I felt another wave of admiration for those who could walk for so long in such heavy clothes, carrying such heavy tributes.

 At the bakery I enjoyed a chocolate tart and a can of Cacolac, which was fast becoming my favourite French drink. Orangina? What's that?

 It was great to chat with everybody and I was so happy I had attended such a magnificent and beautiful event. It is a really magical part of Perpignan's diverse culture.

 Thanks for reading! If you would like to read an account of the Sanch Procession in French, I have one on the French blog I keep for schools.

 Liz x

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