Sunday, 13 September 2015

Salamanca street theatre: El crimen del Fraile Luis


 I had heard a lot about street theatre in Salamanca, which is performed in various locations around the city. So, when my course suggested a group visit, I decided to try it out.

 The location for "El crimen del Fraile Luis" was in the old town, outside the Church of San Benito. We sat down and hoped the sun would go down as it was almost impossible to look at the stage! Luckily it had darkened by the time the play began.

 The play tells of how Fraile (Brother) Luis de León, an important real-life figure in Spanish history, tries to prevent the execution of a possibly innocent boy. There are four characters: the rambunctious Civil Guard...

 Fraile Luis...

 the young boy, Martín...

 and his sister, Lucia. The last was perhaps the best performer on the night; she really moved me.

 The play was shorter than I had anticipated but was enjoyable and inspired me to see more street theatre in the future.

 I hope you like my photos.

 Thanks for reading,

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