Monday, 15 June 2015

The perfect day


 There won't be many words in this post as I already told the story of what was perhaps my best day in Perpignan in an article for Third Year Abroad. The purpose of this post is to share more photos from the day than could fit on the article. 

 It started off with a fairly ordinary morning of teaching lessons at the lycée. I had decided to go to Canet straight after work to spend some time by the sea. It turned out to be more incredible than I could ever have imagined. 

 Not only that, but on my return to Perpignan I met Nathan and Cristina, two fellow assistants, and we had the loveliest evening feeding pigeons together. 

 Cristina and I then walked home (we live in the same neighbourhood) and I decided on a whim to order a wood-fire pizza from the local van. I ate it sitting at my window, watching a spectacular sunset, and thinking what an unexpectedly magical day it had been.

 The article with the full story can be found here. Now, let me share a few snapshots.

On the way to Canet

In Canet

At Marenda Beach, Canet, my favourite of the beaches as it is quiet and the mountains loom, still and wise

Rolling back towards Perpignan

The quick snack at Columbus which became a long chat with Nathan and Cristina


Pink sky and pizza

 It was a wondrous day, as you can probably gather from my gushing! So many of the reasons I love Perpignan just came together in one day - the sea, the mountains, food, animals and friendship.

 Thanks for reading,

 Liz x

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