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 My last post left us entering the town of Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, the final stage of our big excursion with SUAPS, the Avignon Uni sports department. 

 We were all tired and thirsty from trekking through the hills for several hours and the first thing we did was flock to an ice-cream shop! I enjoyed a well-deserved lemon and caramel cone. The lemon, cold and sour, was exactly what I needed.

 We then headed towards one of the main squares.

 In the square there was evidently some sort of festival or event going on, with a stage and stalls set up.

 We met a lively set of musicians, including one little but very competent one who had a great sense of rhythm.

 Like many Provence towns, Saint-Rémy has tourist shops galore selling lavender, soap and cicada-based gifts. However, as I wandered through the sunny streets there were also a lot of things I hadn't seen before, which was refreshing.

My mam has one of these at home!

Some of the prettiest cicadas I've seen

These reminded me of the lovely wildflowers in Avignon

 I looped back to the square, where I found some of my Erasmus friends dancing along with the musicians!

 Our allotted time exploring was running out so they reluctantly abandoned their dancing and we headed back to the coach.

 On the coach I had to sit facing backwards which was not ideal, but a handful of students were singing and beat-boxing, which made the ride back to Avignon a little more entertaining. I got home and was glad to be able to relax after one of the most exhausting days I'd had in a long time.

 The excursion was certainly a good way to get to know my fellow Erasmus students, though, and I'm glad I did it.

 Thanks for reading,

 Liz x

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