Monday, 14 May 2018

Vigo: Flowers and flan


 Here is my final set of photos from Vigo that don't fit into a bigger post. Expect, as always, food and cats. I hope you enjoy sharing my journeys.

 One morning at Uni, my class was invited to watch a performance and a film about the garment factory at Rana Plaza in Bangladesh that collapsed in 2013. 

 The performers were wearing many layers of clothes and slowly, silently removed them one by one and placed them in piles on the floor, surrounded by petals.

 We then watched the film, made by Carla Novi. She happened to have visited the factory and interviewed some of the workers before the disaster. She then returned to try to find out who was still alive and who had died. Carla was there to answer our questions afterwards.

 The film was extremely hard to watch, but it is important that people know what happened and how badly it damaged so many lives. Hopefully steps are being taken to avoid such awful and pointless loss of life in the future.

 Vigo in spring was all blue and green, mountains and trees and sky and sea.

In the Uni canteen: pasta, lamb with couscous or lentils for a starter, and meatballs or grilled fish for a main 

 I said there would be food and cats! Thanks for reading.

 Liz x

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