Sunday, 15 February 2015

Barcelona: An unexpected journey


 One Friday night in November, my friend Liam messaged me on-line saying he would be in Barcelona from Saturday to Monday and did I want to join him?

 I had only spent one day in Barcelona previously, on a school trip seven years ago. I love everything Catalan and it would be great to see Liam. So I said yes.

 My initial plan was to come on Sunday but train problems meant that didn't happen. I then wanted to come on Monday morning - more complications. Eventually I got on a train on Monday afternoon, to arrive in the evening - and the train broke down!

 Eventually I arrived, at night, at Barcelona Sants Station. The station... it was madness. I had not expected it to be that busy - I think it is the most chaotic station I have ever been in. It didn't help that the ticket barrier swallowed my ticket and I had to search for a member of staff to let me through!

 I made it out, though. What bliss to be out in the cool night air! I found the metro, bought my ticket, caught my tram to La Rambla, the main promenade in Barcelona, off which my hostel is situated.

 For my first journey on the Barcelona metro it was surprisingly easy and pleasant, especially compared to the train shenanigans!

 I found my hostel, left my luggage and set out to finally meet Liam. We went to a restaurant at the port. We decided to have tapas and chose three dishes: Catalan tomato bread, patatas bravas and nachos. All three were delicious but the patatas stole the show - they were amazing.

 I drank a non-alcoholic mojito, which was really nice, and we chatted, and the views were stunning. It was a lovely meal.

 What better way to finish than - you've guessed it - crème catalane(or crema catalana now we were in Spanish Catalonia!)? It was as lovely as ever and came with an added raspberry this time. What more could you wish for?

 We then strolled along the seafront. It was sumptuous. The night was cool and clear and the port was beautiful.


  I rerturned to my hostel feeling tired but so, so pleased that I came on this spontaneous trip to Barcelona. It was all planned so quickly but that unexpectedness is part of what made the whole thing so special and magical for me. That night was just the beginning...

 Watch this space for more of my adventures in Barcelona!

 Thanks for reading,

 Liz x

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