Sunday, 30 July 2017

Flora and fauna of Vigo Campus


 I was beginning to settle into my new home on the University of Vigo campus, up in the mountains. It was very different from my life in Avignon, where I had been living near the town centre. I welcomed the change; it should be great having a year abroad of two such contrasting halves.

 It didn't take me long to learn that the student residence was either home to, or popular with, a large number of cats. They seemed sweet and friendly, though I thought it was wise not to get too close. They made great photographic subjects, though!

 I decided to have another wander around campus and photograph some of its plants and scenery. I hope you enjoy my photos.

 Everywhere I looked there were more lovely things. I couldn't help thinking of the lyric from "World Falls" by Indigo Girls, "Everywhere I turn all the beauty just keeps shaking me". Up in the mountains, looking down at the sea, surrounded by leaves and berries and pink and purple flowers, I totally got it.

 Incidentally, I interviewed the writer of that song, Amy Ray, recently. Take a look at that if you're interested in folk music or would like to see more of my writing.

 Watch this space for more of my Vigo adventures!

 Thanks for reading.

 Liz x

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