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 It was time for our final Galician class excursion outside of Vigo. We would travel north to Carnota, where we would spend time at the beach. We would then explore the historical town of Muros and the coastal fort at Baroña, before finally climbing Monte Louro (in a minibus) to enjoy the views.

 We set off from Vigo, and the journey was one of the most beautiful I've ever experienced. Above us was the blue sky, on one side of us the sea, and on the other green hills and meadows and many, many horreos. Counting the traditional granaries made for a fun game - you could reach one hundred very quickly.

 We arrived in Carnota. It was incredibly picturesque, and it had a lot of cats!

 Carnota has one of the longest horreos in Galicia, and we went to visit it.

A pombal, or pigeon house, another Galician icon

 We also stopped by the church of Santa Columba, or Santa Comba.

 We started our walk to the beach. It took us through lush and gorgeous countryside full of flowers, fruit, birds, ponies and goats. It really felt like paradise.

 The beach appeared before us and we ran down to the sea. Some of us paddled, some kicked a ball about and some just chilled. It was lovely.

Was this a dolphin?

 We shook the sand out of our shoes and made our way back towards the village.

 We hopped back onto the minibus, which took us a little way along the coast to a viewpoint.

 We resisted the ice-creams - some people would get one later - and walked together along a path surrounded by trees and colourful flowers. It was very scenic and gave us a chance to chat a bit.


 The next stage of our journey would take us to the old harbour town of Muros. For now, I was happy here by the sea, with the water sparkling and yellow gorse lighting up the hills.

 Watch this space for more of our travels!

 Thanks for reading.

 Liz x

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