Wednesday, 24 January 2018



 My last post saw my Galician class enjoying a trip to Carnota. After a lovely lunch on the beach and walk by the dunes, we got back into the minibus to head to our next destination, Muros.

 We arrived to see a really picturesque town, with boats moored in the harbour and houses scattered across the hillside. It was a beautiful afternoon as we wandered into Muros's historical centre.

 Like other Galician towns I had visited such as Ribadavia and Padrón, Muros was a pretty maze of narrow streets and alleys, complete with birds, cats, flowers, lanterns, sundials and tiled signs. However, Muros also had its own distinct flavour and vibe: it felt quaint and laid-back.

Spot the horreo (granary) - they're everywhere!

Suffering Street

Doesn't look familiar at all...

 After a tiring but enjoyable tour of the old town - including a lot of climbing - some of us stopped to chat and eat ice-cream. It was a nice, chilled end to our visit to Muros.

 In my next post I'll tell you about the exciting final part of our excursion: exploring the ancient fort at Baroña, where the remains of a whole settlement perch on a small peninsula surrounded by crashing waves. It is really something, and I can't wait to share it with you.

 Thanks for reading.

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