Thursday, 21 December 2017

Castrelos Park


 With our tour of the fascinating Liste Ethnographic Museum finished, our Galician class group set out for the Parque de Castrelos.

 On the way we encountered an horreo. These granaries are one of the key symbols of Galicia.

 After a brisk walk, we arrived at the Pazo de Castrelos. A pazo is a Galician manor house, and this one looked very impressive.

 We started to explore the gardens. The sun was beginning to set and the light was lovely. It was great to see the maze - which I had admired from afar on the bus in and out of town - in all its glory.

 It was also lovely to finally see the Park's huge pigeon house, which we had learnt about in class. Like horreos, pombals - pigeon and dove houses - are a big part of Galician culture.

 There were also many sculptures and statues.

A mini Pazo

 The trip came to an end, the group disbanded and my friend Daojun and I took advantage of the fact that we were near a bar we liked and had a sit down. I enjoyed some freshly-squeezed orange juice and music before heading home.

 The excursion had been a success - we had got our fix of history at the Museum and plenty of fresh air and nature at the Park. Overall, it had been a very enjoyable day.

 Coming soon to the blog: football fever in Vigo as Manchester United arrived... Watch this space!

 Thanks for reading.

 Liz x

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