Sunday, 12 July 2015

Gourdon: Life on a precipice


 After our visit to Grasse the coach took us into the mountains to Goudon, a village perched on a precipice - known as a "nid d'aigle" (eagle's nest).

 We didn't have long there - only half an hour - so I fitted as much in as I could, taking lots of photos of the view (unfortunately my camera and memory cards were later stolen!) and popping into a couple of shops. 

 The vista was magnificent: the mountains, towns scattered below and in the far distance, the sea. The village itself was picturesque, full of ancient stone buildings covered in climbers and flowers. The shops were typical of tourist shops in the area, selling lavender sachets, soap and cicadas of every size and material. I bought some postcards (I collect them).

 Our time there may have been short but Gourdon was certainly lovely and it was somewhat cool to be in an eagle's nest!

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