Thursday, 10 August 2017

Vigo: Down by the harbour


 After I encountered a Merman and a milkshake, my adventures in Vigo continued as I ventured down to the harbour. I was greeted by the enormous dinosaur guarding the Royal Nautical Club.

 I made my way along the waterfront, enjoying the sky, palm trees and seabirds.

Spot the Spanish flag

 I stopped in Jamaica, a coffee shop in the A Laxe shopping centre. I enjoyed a focaccia and some creamy hot chocolate.

 Back outside, the sky was becoming very striking, with heavy grey clouds overhead, whispy white clouds near the horizon and slivers of bright sun shining through.

 I stood before the Estación Marítima - the Maritime Station. As a student of Galician culture and history, I knew the role it had played in trade and emigration, and the emotions that had become attached to it over the years as loved ones arrived and left.

 Outside the Station is a statue of a man presumably about to emigrate, a woman and child watching him go and silhouettes of other people and a dog. It is a powerful reminder of the past and of the many goodbyes - some forever - said at this spot.

 I returned to A Laxe and enjoyed a frozen yogurt dessert while I watched the sun start to set over the harbour.

 Vigo's harbour is a fascinating and beautiful place to visit. I hope you enjoyed my photos. The next blog post will see night fall and the lights of Vigo sparkle and glow.

 Until then, thanks for reading.

 Liz x

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