Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Boats, birds and blossoms


 After my post office adventure and a lovely lunch I continued my walk around Vigo. The sun was bright and the estuary was turquoise. The shapes of the Cíes Islands were just visible through the haze of heat.

"The Swimmer", who I mentioned in my poem "Meiga"

 Praza de Pedra was as beautiful as always...

 ...and Plaza de la Constitución was as cool and relaxed.

 Porta do Sol was looking pretty, and the Merman had a visit from a seagull.

Faro de Vigo is one of Vigo's main newspapers. Faro means "lighthouse"

 I passed the famous olive tree...

 ...and the Monument to Singers, Poets and Troubadours of the Vigo Estuary.

 The sun shone down on Plaza de la Princesa...

 ...and on Calle Príncipe.

 There was an open-air photography exhibition, which was really capturing the interest of passers-by.

 As the bus carried me back up the hill to campus, I was glad that I had set out on my post office quest rather than just sticking my letter in a postbox. My search had yielded not only a post office but also a brilliant day in the city. You never know what small errand may lead to a fascinating journey.

 Thanks for reading!

 Liz x

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