Sunday, 10 September 2017



 After visiting the Monastery of Oseira, my Galician class hopped back onto the minibus to head to our next destination: the wine-making town of Ribadavia.

 As we arrived the sky was overcast, but Ribadavia was lovely, full of colour and flowers.

 There was a street market, and one stall was blaring out Dire Straits, which made me smile.

Lots of pots!

 We arrived at the Jewish Quarter.

 We wandered on, enjoying the views of the river and the countryside.

 We stopped in a tavern, where we were given some speciality cheese to sample. The building felt very old and the ambience was wonderful - so cosy and warm.

 We headed outside again.

Second dog of the day! (There was one near the Monastery)

 We made our way towards the river. The scenery was beautiful, with greens and blues and reds and the odd patch of pink blossom. It was very picturesque.

There just had to be an horreo!

Witches - bruxas - are another important part of Galician culture

Third dog of the day!

First cricket of the day!

The cat of the day - some people thought she might be pregnant

 Ribadavia is a fascinating and diverse town, with its range of food, architecture and natural wonders. I was very glad to have had the opportunity to see it. 

 The final part of the day's excursion would be a visit to a castle - the Castelo of Sobroso - which would happen to turn out to be one of my favourite places in Galicia. Watch this space to find out all about it!

 Thanks for reading.

 Liz x

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