Thursday, 2 March 2017

A wintry walk by the Rhône


 Probably the thing I fell most in love with during my time in Avignon was the river. Wherever I live, I like to be near some great force of nature - often it's the sea or mountains

 Avignon's stretch of the Rhône first called to me in summer, when it was, as I describe it in my poem "Barthelasse", "soupy and green". Through autumn it glimmered like a sapphire and now, with winter slipping in, it was dark and majestic.

 Through every season, I just loved being near it - in fact, I felt I had to be near it on a regular basis. Sitting or standing by its side brought a kind of calm and purity to my mind, and in my busy life that was very useful to have. 

 The Rhône also moved me creatively - as well as "Barthelasse" and several other poems, I wrote a fiction piece entitled "The moon and river", which was inspired by the night of the supermoon and was published on Visual Verse.

 Here are some photos from a winter's evening when I bought a crepe in town and then took the now-familiar route down to the riverside. Night was coming in and it was an intense and magical time.

The Pont d'Avignon in the twilight. I came to love that bridge more than I ever imagined I could. It has real presence and character

 The last few are like an ink blot test, and I can see a Christmas tree, which is surely a positive thing (as long as it isn't real - I am a supporter of using fake trees). The festive season was well on its way, and experiencing it in Avignon promised to be fun.

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 Liz x

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