Saturday, 17 September 2016

Mastering the intranet, markets and moths


 I hope you're well! I've had a very, very busy two weeks in Avignon. It's hard to believe, really, that it's only been two weeks because so much has happened.

 Let's go back to last Tuesday. We went into Uni in the morning for a talk on using the Université d'Avignon IT system and intranet. The instructors made it really interactive and quite enjoyable.

 I then headed into town for some more exploring. First I visited Place Pie. Eleanor and I went there on my first night but this was my first time seeing it in daylight. 

 There was a market on with some rather quirky things even for a French market - ET, a skeleton in a racing car and a teddy with a gas mask?

 I wandered further into town.

 I saw "Cabestan" a lot, which reminded me of Cabestany, the village near Perpignan where I lived for a while.

 I saw a rather quirky restaurant (I assume it's a restaurant)...

 I arrived back in Place Pie.

 There were some interesting colourful rocks.

 I set off again down a different street. This one would ultimately take me to the city wall and out of the old town.

A very French scene, I feel

 I emerged outside the walls and admired the rainbow-y Vélopop bikes - Vélopop is clearly the Avignon equivalent to Bip in Perpignan and VéloMagg in Montpellier.

 I had seen this sculpture from my taxi on the way from the airport that first day. It was nice to be able to see it up close and its curves and reflections were fun to photograph.

 However, the greatest joy to photograph was still to come. Along the stretch of grass hugging the ramparts there is a multicoloured sea of wild flowers. Butterflies and moths whirr in and out and it is truly gorgeous.

A long tongue

 After my photo-shoot with the flowers I walked home following the ramparts. The good thing about Avignon is that if you live relatively centrally you can get anywhere fairly quickly and can choose between travelling "Intra-muros" - within the walls - or "Extra-muros" - outside them. Intra-muros is prettier but sometimes it can be good to go outside for some breathing space.

 Thanks for reading,

 Liz x

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