Sunday, 22 November 2015

The second photo rally


 In my last post I told you about the first photography rally organised by my course at the University of Salamanca; how I took part but then found out it was cancelled. However, it was still a good experience. Several weeks later the second and final rally of the summer was announced and this time a crowd of students assembled at the language school to receive our instructions. 

 We were given a list of themes and specific things to photograph. There were specific things - Miguel de Cervantes's medallion in the Plaza Mayor and the Astronaut in the stonework on the Cathedral - and a list of wider themes to fulfil. These were "Sport in Salamanca", "European style", "Spanish language" and "What does Salamanca mean to you?"

 I set out into the city on my photographic quest. It was a lovely sunny evening and I knew that, regardless of whether my photos did well, I would remember this walk.

 I returned to my residence by twilight, feeling that I had done okay. I selected and submitted my set of photos and they were put up on Facebook by the school so people could vote. I was overwhelmed by the number of votes I got... and by the fact that I won! It was a wonderful feeling. Thank you so much to everyone who voted.

 Here are my photos - see if you can guess which were taken for which category. Not all of them have a category, there are some I just thought were quirky or interesting. At the end of the post are the final six photos that I chose as my set and which won. I hope you enjoy taking a virtual tour through Salamanca with me!

I can't decide whether this is a dog or a pig...

The elegant Casa Lis

 And... here are my winning photos!

What Salamanca means to me

The Astronaut on the Cathedral

Spanish language

Migual de Cervantes' medallion in the Plaza Mayor

Sport in Salamanca

European style

 I hope you like them. It was amazing to win and to have the chance to represent in images the city that had become my home.

 Thanks for reading,

 Liz x

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  1. Good collections of images and your experience was also nice.. In childhood i got amazed watching pics of anything so decide to become photographer but in the young age I found my passion is travelling around the world. But also like to capture beautiful moments and scene.