Vigo: Arrival to Easter
Avignon to Vigo
Arrival in Vigo
Flora and fauna of Vigo Campus
My first trip into Vigo
Exploring Vigo
Vigo by night
Starting at the University of Vigo
Oranges, flowers, a lion and a Merman
Down by the harbour
Lights of Vigo
My mother comes to Vigo
Sunset and cats
A day at Samil Beach
The O Castro Mountain and Park
Vigo city tour
Dogs, daisies and dinner
Boats, birds and blossoms
Life goes on
Spring on Vigo Campus

Vigo: Easter to summer
Easter in Vigo
My neighbours: Frogs and cats!
The Liste Ethnographic Museum
Castrelos Park
Palm trees and pizza
Vigo Sea Museum
Football fever!
Caterpillars and cakes
My Mam and Granma in Vigo
Last trip to Samil Beach
Flowers and flan
Goodbye, Vigo
Vigo University Campus
Leaving Vigo
Shopping in Vigo
Food of Vigo and Galicia
Studying at the University of Vigo
Galician language and culture classes
Learning magic in Vigo

Santiago de Compostela
The Monastery of Carboeiro
Hiking to a waterfall!
The Monastery of Oseira
Sobroso Castle
The house of Rosalía de Castro
Exploring Padrón
The coastal fort at Baroña
Return to Pontevedra
Food of Vigo and Galicia
Galician language and culture classes

Salamanca: June and July
Taking the plunge
Cathedrals, Anaya Palace, storks and the Frog
The Little Train, the Plaza Mayor - and Minions
Lights, flowers, water and leaves
Salamanca by night
Dusk and birds over Salamanca
Midnight music
Down by the Tormes
The golden hour
More music and mayhem

Salamanca: August
The Film Archive of Castile and León
The Shell House and climbing the Clerecía
Monumenta Salamanticae and inside the Cathedrals
Street theatre: El crimen del Fraile Luís
The Van Dyck area and the bullring
Night on the Roman Bridge
Salamanca Trade Museum
Way out east
Gods and glass
Food of Salamanca
Inside the Casa Lis
The first photo rally
The second photo rally
Farewell, Salamanca

An unexpected journey
Bubbles and feathers
Aboard the tour bus!
The Sagrada Familia
Night on La Rambla
Dragons, football and Gaudí
Statues, sculptures and cable cars
Up on Montjuïc

The Girona Express
Walls, Cathedral and Basilica
Evening in Girona
Arab Baths, Monastery and ice-cream!
Goodbye, Girona

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