Monday, 21 August 2017

Vigo city tour


 After exploring the Monte do Castro, my Galician class continued our tour of Vigo, making our way gradually towards the city centre. It was still a lovely bright afternoon and it was nice to spend time with the group.

A classic Galician cruceiro

 We arrived on Porta do Sol as the sun was beginning to set.

You just can't escape them

 We visited Plaza de la Constitución, where someone had made a balloon dog.

 We headed down one of the old, narrow backstreets and passed some basket shops.

 We arrived at Praza de Pedra.

 We saw a tribute to Rosalía de Castro, one of Galicia's most famous writers, and her 1863 classic Cantares Gallegos (Galician Songs). Later in the semester we would be visiting her house in the town of Padrón. I was looking forward to it.

You can't escape Minions, either

 We emerged from the backstreets to the open area facing the sea. We found another cruceiro.

 We next walked up into a hilly area. There were plenty of cats, and washing drying in the last of the sun. It was lovely.

 As well as another cruceiro, we also spotted a stone box where, in the past, locals would donate money to try and please the Saints and go to Heaven.

 We climbed a little further, before the tour ended and some of us settled outside a small, cosy bar and chatted as night fell. It had been a wonderful day and was a real highlight of my time in Vigo.

 Thanks for reading,

 Liz x